Converting a old PC psu

Most decent workbench power supplies cost quite a lot, at least for a student. Whereas I have and old computer PSU lying around, so I figured I’d have a bit of fun converting it.

Taking inspiration from various other projects including the DIY Bench Supply from TG’s builds and the RepRap PCPowerSupply I’ve ordered a MIC2941AWT from Micrel, this is a 1.2A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator that I’ll be using to supply a variable voltage. In addition to the variable supply I’ll be including terminals for the voltages supplied directly from the old psu.


5 thoughts on “Converting a old PC psu

  1. You didn’t take the most basic precaution necessary with these supplies – to put in a fuse. Do you realize that a short circuit on a breadboard will almost instantly melt the PC traces and wires if you supply the maximum power from the 5V rail.

    You must fuse ALL the supplies going to the external circuit. Many people have destroyed valuable equipment this way.

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