So the MIC2941AWT‘s have arrived! These are the adjustable 1.2A Low dropout voltage regulators which I will be using to provide a variable voltage supply. I will only be using 1 in my project which means I will have 2 spares.
To provide a readout of the supply voltage, current and power, I intend to buy a pre-packaged module off ebay. This module is sold in 3 different variations, the 5A module, 10A module, and the 20A module. The 10A module has the best current sensing resolution while still capable of sensing a large range and costs about £20.

Alternatively I can buy a Voltmeter and Ammeter module for £18 which also provides an adjustable output voltage and an aluminium heat sink.

We’ll wait and see which module I decide to go for.

After my mistake was pointed out that I needed fuses on my output terminals, here they are.


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