Arduino goodness!!

Brought myself some new toys for my Arduino today.
I’m looking forward to using the LCD as an interface, and displaying data, maybe eventually a twitter feed display.
My second purchase was a RFID starter kit that the good people at Sparkfun produce. My University ID card has RFID in it so should be interesting to read the data off that, maybe use the LCD to then display that data.
I’ll update everyone when i’ve started working with them.

LCD Add-On for SIK

Looking forward to using an LCD with my arduino

Sparkfun RFID Starter Kit

Looking forward to this arriving


On the road to the Masters!

So I’ve started my time at university, studying Electronic & Communication Engineering. However I have a long way to go to get that Masters!
I am starting here at university doing a foundation year which I have to pass to get onto the real course, fingers crossed that all goes well!

Meanwhile I’ll be undertaking projects throughout the year myself, and with the various societies that I’ve joined. So far in my arsenal of electronics I have just my Arduino Uno R3 and a PICkit 2, as well as a handful of LED’s and various other components.

In terms of projects I want to achieve this year, I want to make a workbench power supply out of an old atx power supply, a USB accessory that displays the temperature of the CPU, and a twitter feed display.

Hopefully I can complete these three and more, and give me a good basis for more projects in the future!