Building a Self Balancing Robot

Things have been rather quiet lately, many apologies for the lack of posts over the past few years.
The PlotBot machine I built last year worked well up until I burnt out the supply to the Arduino Uno. Now its time for a new project, and I promise to keep you guys updated more regularly as I progress through the project.

Over the summer I brought myself the RepRap Pro Fisher Delta 3D Printer, which I’ve enjoyed playing with.

Its time to do something useful with it!

Un-successful robots printed on the Fisher Delta

Un-successful Robots!

A 3D Benchy printed on the Fisher Delta

Looking Ship Shape!

Using the Fisher Delta to print parts, I intend to build a 2 wheeled self balancing robot. This series of blog posts will be structured in such a way as that i follow the format of a Bachelor of Engineering Project Report. First I will start with a Literature Review, looking into the history and research behind self balancing robots, and the different technologies that can be used. I will look at the different processing platforms that I can use and the different connectivity / communication methods I can use to talk to the robot.

After the Literature Review I’ll be describing my intended technical approach to building the robot, followed by the challenges faced and how they were resolved. The final post will be a conclusion as to how the project progressed, and what I would be looking to change if I decide to make a new version.

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