About The Team

Here on The Electronic Byte website, we want to share with fellow students and the further community of hackers and makers, our interest and enthusiasm in electronics and engineering.
We try to provide solutions to problems that would otherwise be rather expensive to solve.

Having evolved from a single person with a love for making things, The Electronic Byte is now a team of people, bringing in new and fresh ideas on how to approach problems.

Matthew Prentice (2M0MEK)

I have recently started at university studying Electronic & Communication Engineering. I am a keen hobbyist and enjoy fiddling around with technology, learning new things.

I find myself working best when I have a project in mind, being motivated to learn about new methods to accomplish the task at hand.

Having started the “Student Hobby Electronics” Blog I hope to inspire many more students around the world to take up tinkering.

James Leftley

I am a first year university student doing a 4 year masters in Physics. My main area of focus is particle physics but I build things as a hobby.

I try to apply what I learn in Physics to my projects to create interesting and new ways of doing things on a tight budget. This usually involves re-purposing old parts lying around my flat or the uni labs.

I joined this blog in the hopes my projects could be useful for those interested in the sciences and engineering.

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